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We will discuss what God is telling & showing me, I am excited about having a platform to share, such as this blog.


I do ask that if you make comments to please keep them in good taste and positive, we are about encourement not harshness.


Thank  you.

Elizabeth Holden

By Elizabeth Holden, Nov 1 2016 02:13PM

Have you ever been in a place and suddenly realized God is up to something really big?

Well I was in that place this weekend. I was standing in the Grace Building just before worship started, when I was approached by a woman who wanted to know about the RTF Appointed for Purpose Women's Conference coming up in January she said that the majority of the women in her cabin was wanting to come to the conference and they wanted to know about Hotels in the area, we talked for a few minutes it excited me then... we started signing Another Wave by Lindy Conant it gets to the part that says Simple Obedience Changes History and the Lord spoke to me and said Yes Your Simple Obedience IS & WILL be Changing History. I all of a sudden realized that the conference is much bigger than I could ever imagine and I am not talking numbers I am talking Life Changing Effects. You see we can change history by the simple fact that we choose to follow Him especially when He makes a course change.

Ok so you are following Him and then all of a sudden He moves to a new path in the road it is a small step but it alters the history you will have. Life as we know it has changed even though the course changed looked small and scary we took the steps to obey and now our lives and how we would have lived it just changed so we have changed our history.

I stood there weeping at His awesomeness in my life, overwhelmed and honored to have been chosen for this walk. I feel like I could never live up to the call so I have realized He never asked me to, only asked me to follow Him and Him Alone nothing else. We sing about it all the time " I will go where You go, I will say what you say" and "Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders" "Wherever You would call me

Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander" I don't know about you but those are dangerous words to cry out to God because He will do it! And that is where I am right now, where my trust is without borders it is a place where He is taking many of us BUT HE IS IN THE MIDST OF IT.

Luke 4:43 They were all amazed [practically overwhelmed] at the [evidence of the] greatness of God and His majesty and His wondrous work. AMP

Yep that would be me. :~)

God bless you and remember

Praise Him In All Situations!!

Elizabeth Holden

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