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We will discuss what God is telling & showing me, I am excited about having a platform to share, such as this blog.


I do ask that if you make comments to please keep them in good taste and positive, we are about encourement not harshness.


Thank  you.

Elizabeth Holden

Exciting Things Ahead!

By Elizabeth Holden, Dec 21 2016 04:14PM

I recieved this word from one of the Prophetic Intercessors and want to share it with all those who will be attending the upcoming conference and any other events we will be hosting throughout the year.

2017 I believe will be a Phenominal year for many and for Roads To Freedom Ministries.

Many had given me Words that the "Conference Will Be A Launching Pad For Many"

and now I recieved this Word.

Praying for you! I just saw the space shuttle Challenger launch off at NASA & explode. Only "THIS" time "IT IS A GOOD THING!"

Much, Much ground will be gained! That which would have taken decades & centuries will be taken in a Moment! " A GOD MOMENT! "

As was said about the first men who walked on the moon, " NO MAN HAS GONE HERE BEFORE" so shall it be said of you! Hallelujah!

I can't tell you how excited I am for all who recieve this word and who will be attending & serving at the conference.

I also was talking to the Photographer who will be photo documenting the event for me and she looked at me and said have you gotten many registered yet Isaid well they are trickeling in, she said in response to that I feel in my spirit that you will be full to capacity..

So if you are thinking well I will only come to one of the speakers at just pay for that day then you might not be able to get in because we might not have the space. Many have felt like it was going to be a SELL OUT event. So don't delay!

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