Healing The Broken Hearted

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LaVonne Chandler, Touched by Grace Ministries.

LaVonne a prophet called to the nations, she ministers under a fiery prophetic anointing in, conferences, and revivals throughout the world.


She is a VOICE for this hour to encourage and to equip a sold out forerunner army of believers. The desire of LaVonne’s heart is to see the Body of Christ in passionate pursuit of the LOVER OF OUR SOUL.


She is devoted to the equipping of “the Body” to move in freedom and authority, to be unified and unstoppable, and to flow in their gifts and callings by changing the atmosphere as they go out into the world making disciples.

LaVonne Chandler

Bonnie Jones

Bonnie Jones,  "Did You Learn To Love" Ministries


Bonnie speaks the word in Spirit and truth through love delivering a much needed message for the current times. Through her passion for the Lord and quick wit, she delivers a power packed punch that drives home truth.


She continues to expand on her late husband, Bob Jones, message “Did you learn to love?” as she reveals the heart of the Father for the harvest.


Bonnie Jones has written several books including several Shepherd’s Rods, Fruit of the Spirit, Poetry from the Heart, The Power of the Spoken Word and Did You Learn to Love.

United Lights

Worship With Uniting Lights

A team in Unity with Hearts on Fire for the Intimate Place with God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Anointed Worshipers who's only desire is to be in that place of His Presence.

Bonnie Jones Uniting Lights Logo - me

June 14, 2018


I was at church and the Lord starting speaking to me  "Forged In The Fire"  


I then saw in my spirit the news headlines of the Hawaii's volcano raining down green gemstones. He then reminded me of the study of August and it's birthstone the Peridot


The word August means Celebrated, Renown, Prestigious, Esteemed, Exalted.


Peridot is usually found where there has been volcanic activity.


The Lord gave me this word for my Pastors and then when He told me later that He wants me to Call the 2019 Women's Conference "Forged In Fire" (Love) this same Word would be extended to those who attend.


"Because you have been Forged In The Fire,  I AM is now spewing you into the areas that have been damaged, those who have lost, you are MY gemstones raining down into their live and the region."


He later gave me the Forged In Fire Symbols you see on this page and on the postcards.


For out of the Fire the Heart of God, I have Forged the Sword Of Authority in you, I have Forged the Crown of Royalty (My Government) over you and the Power of Holy spirit the Dove to Partner with you.


I believe God has been doing many thng in your life and you as a person in 2018 but in 2019 you will see the end result to the Fire you have gone through. I believe many of you will know which one of these you have become and for some of you, you will realize you have all three of these characteristics.


God is doing a New Thing and He is Readying His Church for the coming Harvest.

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